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Discover How To Change Your Life By Improving Your Well-being, Transforming Your Professional Life, and Boosting Your Financial Life.
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How Would Your Life Change If You Accomplished Every Resolution or Goal You Set?
  •  You have finally paid off those high-interest credit cards
  •  You’ve stopped smoking, drinking and other destructive habits
  •  Improved your spiritual life
  •  Mended relationships with estranged family or friends
  •  You now exercise on a regular basis and consistently make healthy food choices
  •  Even the money you invest in online courses that you never completed, are now finished and providing a meaningful impact in your life
It Is Time For You To Become the Champion Of Your Life!
meet your mentor of change
Dre Griggs
With over a decade of experience in the financial arena, certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, certified Reiki practitioner, with advanced degrees in Economics and Biblical Studies, and having read hundreds of the best book and articles on creating change; I have invested a mini-fortune into understanding how to change my well-being, professional, and financial life.  

Now my focus is on helping people jumpstart and solidify the changes they want to make in their life.

The Strategies Found Within Champion of Change have been proven to create positive, long-lasting results.
What People Are Saying About Champion of Change On...
"The 7 laws and exercises laid out by the author are a great framework for accomplishing your goals with fervor and humility. I highly recommend it"
Review By Greg Veltri
"An awesome read and informative look at how damaging habits keep us from accomplishing goals. Learning to change the mindset to achieve and keep goals is important as well as realizing others are experiencing the same trials."
Review By Walls

This book is exceptional, well written definitely worth reading! You will not be disappointed.

Debbie O.

Yes! Inspires and motivates you to want to make changes to better yourself and those around you. It is a must have book to better yourself!

Maxine G.
Throughout Champion of Change, you will find actionable steps on how to implement the strategies you just learned into your life.

I'll Pay For The Book, You Cover The Shipping!
Here Is your Sneak Peek Inside...
  •  Learn from Olympic gold medalists how to use visualization and imagery to achieve your goals and consistently perform at peak levels. (Page 9)
  •  Develop your inventor mindset by following Nikola Tesla's approach of change. (Page 10)
  •  Understanding and controlling the vital role beliefs play in your growth and success. (Page 13)
  •  How to choose a resolution or change goal that is in-line with who you are. (Page 19)
  •  Discover if the traditions you built-up over time are dated and no longer beneficial to your current aspirations. (Page 26)
  •  Find out why your mind may be working against you and how to get it on the same page with you resolution and change goals. (Page 31)
  •  Why willpower doesn't work when trying to create lasting change. (Page 43)
  •  How to replenish and save your willpower so you won't give up on your change goal in those unexpected and emergency situations. (Page 45)
  •   A dozen strategies and systems to put in place so you can finally improve your well-being, transform your professional life, and boost your financial life. (Pages 49-59)
  •  The one thing you can add to your life to increase your chance of changing your life by 95%. (Page 61)
  •  How to choose the right Charge partner to hold you accountable so you can improve your well-being, transform your professional life, and boost your financial life. (Page 65)
  •  How to create and effectively run your own mastermind group. (Page 71)
  •  The power of using "positive event stacking" to turn any setback into a victory. (Page 74)
  •  Outline the top four reason for inaction and how you can overcome procrastination and stagnation. (Page 78)
  •  How quitting my corporate job, starting a business and taking a trip to Nigeria changed my life. (Page 81)
  •  How I caught more than enlightenment in Nigeria and almost died! (Page 84)
  •  Why focusing on fairness may be the worst thing you can do. (Page 94)
  •  How to find the courage to live one day as a lion, instead of a lifetime as a sheep. (Page 116)
And oh so much more...
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